Inspiring words and Phrases for Teaches to Use

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Sometimes it could make the difference between a kid giving up or growing up. These are great ideas and I, like you, also run scripts in my head and try to be intentional with building my kiddos up.

Thanks for the post! My job is to keep you safe and loved. You give good hugs. I still struffle every day with self worth issues,despite being actually quite pretty I suppose. Love your kids folks. Mt mom is a narcissist. My daughter is 12, my son is 3. To this day i have planted kindness into my children by always being polite and always say please, thank you, excusse me and im sorry.

What wonderful children you have, your doing a good job mom. I may not be the best with words but my actions speak through my children. For my new year resolution i am going to post these powerful phrases on my wall and make it a point to say these to my children everyday.

60 Best Inspirational Quotes for Teachers: Happy Teacher’s Day! – Inspiring Tips

Who knows maybe it will also change my outlook and make ne more posative as well. We all could use pisative words in our everyday life. Thank you for your post, it has truly made me realize that i should say things like that more often. Thank you so much. I work with women to remove the negative scripts in their head and replace with positive words such as these. It is never too late to start using them on ourselves, for whilst we are not responsible for the programming we have as children we are definitely in control of the words we choose to use on ourselves and with our children as adults and have the power to change a negative cycle.

Thanks for a lovely post. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website! Thanks for sharing! Sam So do I, and I agree that this is where it begins … with the messages from parents and teachers. This made me think of that post I saw. Too many Parents are afraid to use that word. Be tougher on kids, not softer. Oh for goodness sake. However, in the flow of reading the list it would have sounded really odd to just have the word no. And either way, referring to kids as brats and monsters does no good in understanding their behavior, nor your place in it.

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This person is a troll. Your justifications are not necessary, dear one. I was lucky and smart and decided to love and parent myself, so much as I could.

I chose not to have children because I was abused and understood that I needed to nurture myself. Beautiful post! I found this post after a Google search. It brought me to tears. Thank you! It was exactly what I was looking for. My son is only 6 month and every morning I tell him I love him more than anything in the world…. I have done this every night since they were little, and they are 12 and 7. Love your tag line too—looking for joy in ordinary chaos. I can easily get triggered by my kids but when I am kind, compassionate and considerate starting with myself my kids do so much better ie.

And for the folks who think we are being too soft on our kids: Setting limits with our kids can be done respectfully. Even when parents get mad.

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Yes, yes, we are human, after all. The benefits are that you foster a wholesome connection. And, its magic when the kid generates out of volition, not fear its own limits. Even though it is long after they were written, I want to post a comment to say that I really appreciate these words:. I long for the day my oldest son realises that he will develop a sense of pride and accomplishment if he puts in effort with his homework. Thanks for your site Alyssa. I tell my fifteen year old daughter, I love you and I really like you too. As all parents love there offspring.

52 Teacher Quotes

But i really like my daughter too, the person she is becoming. You are really really awesome mother I am a big fan of your blog. There are many think I learned from you for my kid Thanks. I have noticed that when I put my kids on time out or take away a toy or anything like that, the only thing they care about is knowing that I still love them.

Despite their bad behavior they want to know that they r still loved. I will always love you. Thanks for your blog…. Let us also extend these beautiful, life-affirming concepts to the animals in our lives, and to all animals.

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My grandmother used to end every phone conversation with I love you and like you! I tell my daughter every night that she makes my heart happy. My son has ADHD pretty severely and gets so much negative feedback in his day to day life. Rogers have the kind of inspiring and encouraging words that I wish more shows and parents expressed. For example, when Mr. Too many walk in a shadow of doubts about themselves and hearing these words in their childhood might have made a world of a difference! This is amazing ,its sometimes so hard to deal with kids and i believe loving them and using positive words on them will do more good.

Education Quotes - Famous Quotes for teachers and Students

Thanks Alissa for these positive list. Very nice. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best. Thanks a lot for the wonderful words. She now lives in the United Kingdom where she still attends school. This is one of his lesser-known quotes, but it fits the bill for sharing in this post. The message: The best environments we can provide for our students are the ones that lead them to take responsibility for their learning.

Japanese wisdom never fails. Such a timeless culture that has mastered so much of the concept of self-awareness knows a thing or two about teaching and learning. The message: Studying is an important part of gaining an education, but reviewing and internalizing facts and data will only get a student so far.